Inspiration can come at any time

‘Be Bold’
I had been the type of man or woman
Who would come across magic on the ground,
As though The key to real joy
was a thing remaining lying close to.
I’d pull it out of library books
their pages ripped and worn,
And swore which i could see it
in the air just before a storm.
In the event you’re kiss wary to believing
I’m no stranger to distrust,
Again then all I found in library books
was kindness the odor of moths and dirt.

And Even with my just about every guarantee
that every rainbow holds some thing gold.
That not one person born in historical past
as ever been tranquil Daring.
Till I explained to them as a result of my smile
that believing is the key.
You cannot change how the world looks
until finally you alter how folks see.


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